Apartments for College Students - Things to Consider

Tired of dorm room living? Ready to make the move off campus? When looking for the perfect apartment, be sure to ask yourself or your potential landlord the following questions:

  • How much is the security deposit? What is required to receive the deposit back when the lease ends?
  • Are utilities included in the rent and which ones? (Gas, electric, water, trash removal, etc.)
  • Will you need a cosigner for the lease? Do you have a parent or guardian willing to do so?
  • Is the apartment close to public transportation or within walking distance to your classes?
  • Is the apartment furnished? If so, what is included when you move in?
  • Is parking available? If there is off-street parking, will you be able to easily find a space?
  • Are pets allowed? Are additional fees or security deposits necessary?
  • Is there a secure entrance into the building? Is the area well lit?
  • Is there a buzzer or intercom system for when guests arrive?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets in each room? Do they accommodate plugs with three prongs?
  • Do ceiling tiles, cabinets, sinks, floors, or windows display any signs of leaking?
  • Is there a laundry room? If not, where is the closest Laundromat?
  • Is there air conditioning? If not, are there enough windows or ceiling fans to keep the area well ventilated in the summer months?

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