Sexual Health Services
Rape & Sexual Assault, HIV/AIDS Counseling & Prevention in Pittsburgh


If you think you might have contracted a sexually-transmitted disease (STD), the first thing to remember is early detection and treatment are important. Stop having sex and get tested!

The virus called "HIV" causes AIDS. People become infected with HIV when it gets into their bloodstream. This typically occurs during sexual intercourse (anal, vaginal, or oral) or through direct transmission of blood from an infected person (shared needles for an injection, or transfusion). Anyone infected with HIV is presumed to be infectious to others and may remain so for life.

It is very important to be informed, but it is most important to practice safe sex all the time, every time. Sex is not safe without condoms unless you and your monogamous partner have been tested negative for HIV antibodies twice in six months—initially and then six months later.

  • Allegheny County Health Department STD/AIDS Program
    3333 Forbes Ave., Downtown (412-578-8081)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health/State AIDS Hotline
  • Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force
    5913 Penn Ave. Downtown (412-345-7456)
  • Persad Center
    5150 Penn Ave., Bloomfield (1-866-366-6771)


  • Adagio Health
    Suite 1000 Kossman Building, Downtown (412-288-2140)
  • Allegheny Women's Center
    121 N. Highland Ave., East Liberty (412-362-2920)
  • Women’s Choice Network
    160 North Craig Street, Suite 202, Oakland (412-687-7767)

Rape/Sexual Assault

  • Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR)
  • University of Pittsburgh's Office of Sexual Assault Services
  • Women’s Choice Network
    160 North Craig Street, Suite 202, Oakland