Travel Agencies
Travel Agencies in Pittsburgh

Looking for a great deal on spring break? Need to get away after a long, stressful semester? A travel agent might help you find some great deals on student travel packages that you can't find on your own. Ask about them at any of these Travel Agencies in Pittsburgh.

  • AAA
    1760 Park Manor Blvd. (412-809-2800)
    Call for other locations.
  • Century Travel
    Century III Mall, West Mifflin (412-464-9700)
  • Gulliver's Travels
    460 S. Graham St., Shadyside (412-441-3131)
  • People's Travel Agency
    201 S. Craig St., Oakland (412-621-0799)
  • Shadyside Travel
    1601 Penn Ave., Shadyside (412-241-8692)