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Aletheia Community Alliance Church

Aletheia Community Alliance Church

We are a student organization of the University of Pittsburgh and affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University that is purposefully modeled after Church.  Each Sunday, we will worship together, hear a sermon from the Scriptures, Fellowship with one another and seek to be disciples together.  We also are intentionally diverse in our make up;  all are welcome.  We seek to be a light to this world to offer hope, help and healing in Christ’s name. Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC) is Aletheia’s  outside affiliate.

The Pastor/Advisor of Aletheia Community Alliance is a Pastor at ACAC.

We seek to be intentionally Diverse because we believe that connecting with others who are different in culture, background, lifestyle, skin tone and even thinking can be a challenging and growing experience.  We also firmly believe that heaven will be made up of all Nations, so let’s start now, right?

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Sundays: Aletheia is our College Church Plant located on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.  We are a plant for college students (for all campuses – Pitt, CMU, Duquense, and Carlow).  Sundays at 11:00am we gather in a typical church gathering where we will celebrate through Song, testimony and Biblical Preaching.  We have our weekly services in the Frick Fine Arts Building Auditorium (Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA).

*In the Summers (May-August 16th), we will meet at 6pm at 250 E. Ohio St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212*

Thirsty Thursdays: This is a time for students to be equipped for mission and spiritual growth on a secular campus.  Spring semester 2015 we will be walking through a discipleship time called Personal Spiritual Formation which will deepen the Christian walk of Students by challenging them to go deeper, and get closer connected to the heart of God.

Every Thursday in the William Pitt Union Building room 539 @ 8:30pm-10:30pm. FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS!

View Pastor Marv Nelson’s sermons.



Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Pittsburgh, PA


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