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Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community

Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community


Places to Worship in the Southside, Pittsburgh

The Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community is a church that was planted in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh in the fall of 2004. Worship gatherings feature a narrative style of worship that shares the story of God and God’s people through drama and the arts.  Jesus loved a good story, loved people, and loved to eat.  So stay for a FREE lunch every Sunday and join others looking for communion, community, and compassion. 

Through this meal, we seek to create authentic, intimate relationships with one another and with God. Communion, community and conversation are all vital elements of who we are as a church. We invite you to come and experience worship with us for yourself. Come with the expectation of learning both the joy and the struggle of being in community.
Some ideas we have about worship:

Jesus Loved a Good Story: Jesus taught the people that followed Him by telling them stories about the world around Him. In the same way, we use drama as a way of sharing the stories of the Bible in new and relevant ways.

Jesus Loved to Eat: He started out changing water into wine and in the last moments before His death shared in a meal with His friends. We, too, love to eat and be with friends; this is why after every service we sit down and have a meal together.

Jesus Loved People: Above all Jesus came to serve and love others and he expects no less from us. We seek to serve those that are in need throughout the community around us.

Visit www.hotmetalbridge.com for more info including a complete calendar of activities, map to our location, and Hot Metal podcast.



2700 Jane St., South Side


40.4251753, -79.967824



Opening Hours














9:30 and 11:30am

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