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Cancer Research Study in Pittsburgh: iCARE Research Study

Cancer Research Study in Pittsburgh: iCARE Research Study


Cancer Research Study in Pittsburgh: iCARE Research Study: Impact of Cancer on Risk and Resilience

We are looking for children 10-21 years of age who have a parent/grandparent with cancer. Healthy volunteers are also needed.

Why is this study being done?
The purpose of this study is to better understand how stress from a parent’s cancer diagnosis affects the biological, emotional, and behavioral well-being of young adults. Researchers will compare participants who do and do not have a parent diagnosed with cancer, and hope their findings will lead to better ways to prevent and treat mental illness brought on by stress.

Why Participate?
Parents are concerned about the potential impact of their cancer diagnosis on their children’s mental and behavioral health.

We are assessing the impact of a cancer diagnosis on children and if difficulties are noted, parents will be informed, and referral information will be provided.

What is involved?
We will collect:
– Information about physical and mental health
– Body and vital measurements
– Blood, hair, and saliva samples

Duration and Location
There will be 3 study visits over 18 months. Visits will take place at the University of Pittsburgh or in some circumstances, visits can take place in your home.

Interested in participating?
Contact us at 412-683-7258


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