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International Student Resources

International Student Resources

Tips for International Students Planning to Study in Pittsburgh

  1. Find a place for your luggage and temporary housing. If you arrive before the term starts, most universities will arrange for international students to stay in the dormitories on a daily basis at fairly nominal rates. If such arrangements are not available, consider a hotel or motel in Pittsburgh.
  2. Go to the Office of International Students or Services at your school: University of Pittsburgh (412-624-7120); Carnegie Mellon (412-268-5231); Duquesne (412-396-6113); Point Park (412-392-4775); Carlow(412-578-6010); Chatham (412-365-1618); Robert Morris (412-397-5200).
  3. Stop by the admissions or student services office. Confirm your admissions and inquire about any formalities that have to be completed. Meet with your academic advisor and plan your overall program and the specific courses you will be enrolled in for your first term at school. Complete the registration procedures and take your first sigh of relief!
  4. Start looking for permanent housing. Finding a suitable apartment can be an ordeal. The Living section should give you an idea for how to go about looking for an apartment in the Pittsburgh area.

If you need to contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office, it is located in the Federal Building, 1000 Liberty Ave., Downtown (800-375-5283). Also, many colleges offer some kind of English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

For additional resources, you may find the International Student Guide to the United States of America to be useful.